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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Jagger Rocks!!
Had a v. nice early holiday gift this a.m. when I logged in. Jagger (or some variant thereof) has re-ordered the Google search results for "blogger hacks," which has been my target search term for a while. I noticed, because instead of sub-listing a recent post of mine under my main page, Google now lists my blogger hacks post. Interesting.

Anyway... Long & short of it is that in a Google search for Blogger Hacks, Freshblog now accounts for results #3 & #4, just behind Blogger's own hacks pages. This is good!!

Am still not so hot in searches for "blogger" & "categories," but most of the folks who are point here, so that's OK too!! ;-)

Posted at 9:29 AM by John.

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