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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Goowy: Another Portal Option
Much discussion of integration & portals on my regular reads in the past couple of weeks (notably at Library Clips & the Singpolyma Technical Blog.) Here's another service to consider in the mix, from

"Goowy: it’s a flash based web application that provides email, contacts, calendar, RSS feed manager and newly added Podcast manager/player. Goowy provides all of this and uses an easy to use and down right cool Graphical User Interface (GUI). Additionally you get 2 GB of free web mail storage which is more than enough for a daily user."

Plenty of advances coming in this area as we become better able to syndicate content from multiple sources & want to read it, and our e-mail, in one spot. Looks like one of the next big battlegrounds....

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Posted at 5:51 PM by John.
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Blogger RPM said...
Did you try goowy? It was a fantastic experience. Well, at least the first impression was nice!

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