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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Social Bookmarking makes you a spammer?
Marshall Kirkpatrick asks whether sending your own stuff to, furl or similar makes you a spammer:

"Do you think that tagging your own blog posts into social bookmarking databases is a form of spam? I don’t.... People do ask me all the time, is it OK to bookmark my own blog posts? I think it is, and here are a couple my thoughts on the subject:
*if services like Furl and are collaborative databases, why wait until someone else submits my posts to the database? Doesn’t it sound like a good idea to make the post as findable as possible?"

Makes sense to me. Go read the whole list.

Two points for my additional 10c:

1. We're only bookmarking, not republishing in multiple places, submitting multiple times or e-mailing to multiple people, & there's no automation involved. There's no more chance that one of my self-posted links will get read / rebookmarked / commented upon than there is of the next link being picked up.

2. From my perspective, the additional exposure on is great, but I'm much more interested in the post-sorting / categorising features that enable me to use the service to stand-in for categories. I'm using the service in a way that is different from the original intent, but there is no malicious intent or negative outcome.

Minor & incidental self-promotion, perhaps. Spam? No.

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Posted at 9:34 AM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
It almost seems that this is an example of the long tail vs. some strange part of America that's really distressing. You've got some wierd use for that I can't imagine using, but it works for you. I've got a couple uses that you might not be likely to engage in yourself. And who knows what else people are using the system for. But there are folks out there who look at any use outside the original intent and freak out. Though to be fair, the guy who called me a tag spammer quickly retracted after I explained. Sound like a familiar interaction? Ha ha ha...


ps. have you checked out commenting and trackback system? I find that it's way nicer than the blogger native commenting system, especially for readers less comfortable with the web. Just a thought.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
well i think that i not really a hard truth.. the haloscan it is an option, but after have used it along with other options i prefer the native comment system because there are some helpful hacks to go with it that can indeed not only make it actually better than haloscan but better than anything else.

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Blogger John said...
I use a bit of both.... I had comments in the native system that I didn't want to lose by the time I decided to add trackback. I kept the default blogger comments & folded in external trackback. I would probably have outsourced both except that I didn't want to lose existing comments.

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