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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Alphabetical Recent Posts Listing...
Thanks to John at Never Too Old for a hack to transform your recent post listings. If your blog is topical, & you'd rather your list was alphabetical & not chronological, this is the hack for you.

This code will take all the entries on the page and list them in alphabetical order, creating an index. This can be useful, for example, if your blog is a series of book/movie reviews, and you title your entries with the title of the books/movies. It’s less important to the reader, in this instance, what date the review was posted on than the subject of the review.

Looks pretty good!! Interesting that it grabs all the posts on a page & alphabetises them... Might be a useful way to navigate archive pages for relevance instead of timeliness? Also another argument for relevant & concise post titles...

Added to Blogger Hacks: The Series. Thanks for the contribution, John!!

Posted at 8:11 PM by John.
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Anonymous ayub said...
That's really good, especially to find the post.

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