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Saturday, November 12, 2005
"Influence," Link Love and Feed Stats
Another guided tour of my thought process (sorry...) Started out thinking about my sidebar blogroll, which I hardly ever click any more because all the people on it are in my kinja account too and I read their stuff there. Wondered about deleting the list, & doing as I've seen elsewhere with the "read it on bloglines" offsite blogroll. Don't want to take away the link-love, though, and equally don't want to initiate reciprocal link-love removal!!

Brings up a broader question. In the increasingly "feedy" world of the blogosphere, (or is it a feedosphere now?) how can we measure influence / relevance (for search engine result organisation, as an example) when the bulk of a site's activity / influence might be through feeds and reads rather than hits & clicks. Am I right in thinking that feed tech, subscriptions and RSS are making some measures of relevance and influence ineffective or inaccurate? How many of my 200-ish subscribers come here and click? Conversely, how many of them regularly read the stuff from here that they syndicate? Is there a way to measure influence across site and feed?

I ask not from the "I want a high ranking" perspective, but from the "I'd like to be able to estimate the clout of the blog that I'm reading" perspective... Chime in with thoughts....

Posted at 10:41 AM by John.
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Blogger Jim said...
I love feeds. In bloglines, I'll read through tons of stuff and if I'm intrigued by something, I click over to the blog on which it's posted.

I think there is a good reason for keeping a blogroll. It is the same reason I don't really care whether you have a full or abbreivated feed: I'm gonna click over anyway. I like having the complete experience of reading my favorite bloggers' posts as well as the atmosphere on their blog. I like clicking on their blogroll and seeing what they like. And comments. Comments are half the fun of blogging, says me. It's all about the conversation. I know you can get comments via RSS too. So?

I think the blogosphere would get a lot less interesing as a feedosphere. I for one, hope it doesn't go that far.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
RSS is the blissful saviour when it comes to reading text you find interesting when you find it hard to find the time to go surfing about, or to read unlovingly made blog templates (I scare easily from page clutter, which often needlessly made me shy away from some blogs, until I started reading primarily by feed).

Longer articles, tutorials and the like seldom render well in feed readers, though, but the feed is still great for finding them in the first place.

Regarding sidebars, I mentally screen them away as ads, unless the sidebar is very well organised with each link filling some purpose obvious from the surroundings. In some places, like the Speccy blog, they are truly useful tools for finding content, but most of the time I don't follow "fellow peer" links, unless a post somehow hints of what I might find at the other end and why it would be worth reading. (Jakob Nielsen hints that is a common visitor behavior, by the way.)

I feel somewhat prissy now, after having read through the above myself. *shrugs* Still, I'd have to agree with Jim about comments. Feedback is what makes it all interesting.

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Blogger Richie's World said...
I wonder is the blogroll especially on your sidebar for you or for others who view your bolg and possibly items in your blogroll?

Just a thought.

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Blogger John said...
There for the readers, sure... although I hope they leave Freshblog through the links in the posts, running down the ideas...

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