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Monday, October 03, 2005
Sandbox Suspicions?
I'm curious to know how it is that Freshblog is front-page material (hits 4 & 7) in a Yahoo search for "blogger hacks," scores spots 2 & 3 on MSN, but only ranks #36 on Google? Am I digging in the sandbox?

Posted at 7:47 PM by John.
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Blogger Yokota Fritz said...
The sandbox is real, but you only get stuck in it for a few months. Since you have PageRank, you're certainly not in the sandbox now.

You have "blogger hacks" in your <title>, but I just noticed that you don't have any <H1> tag on your main page or item pages. You need to have an <h1> tag with the important keyword text somewhere.

For your main page, that might be "Blogger Hacks" or something -- use CSS to make the text smaller than your Freshblog heading, but don't obfuscate it completely or Google might penalize you.

For the item pages, the text in the <h1> tag should be the title of the post, similar (or the same) as what you have in the <title> tag. That will help tremendously in ranking for those keywords.

On the main page, using <h2> tags will also help for subsidiary keywords. You'll need to use your imagination on how you can use <h2> on your blog.

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