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Friday, September 30, 2005
An explanation of what's new at Technorati
Adam Hertz has posted an update that may explain the crazy ranking flip that's happened here (and elsewhere, in a less crazy way...) Apparently the service will now focus on recent activity & current buzz,... so those 500 links from that election rant you wrote in 2000 won't guarantee you an exalted place in the rankings any more.....

Looks like ranking will be based on 6 month's worth of buzz, while a complete list of inbounds will still be available from the URL search.

My (almost exactly) 6 month's worth of buzz seems to have been worth a good deal...., so a tip of the hat to readers, subscribers, & most especially to linkers!!

Technorati Weblog: :
For URL search, we've been looking closely at how we calculate the number of links and sources pointing to a blog, and we've made some tweaks to the display to better surface recent blog activity. Technorati now displays the total number of links from blogs over the last 6 months. Up until now, we displayed a count of all links from blog homepages, which tended to weight more highly blogs that have been around for a long time, even if they have not been posting recently.

The change affects how Technorati ranks its over 18.5 million blogs. Our new link counts expose more active blogs and rising stars, allowing readers to discover blogs currently receiving the attention of the blogosphere.
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