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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Google Splog Irony, Part Deux.
Philipp at Google Blogoscoped points up the "snake eating it's own tail" flaws in the system that make it hard to take Google's anti-splog battle seriously. The system digests itself, & we're simply the reflux.

Maybe Google Inc is or was* merely naive when it comes to splogs. They allow one-click publishing (, one-click content aggregation (Google News alerts), and easy, context-sensitive advertising on top (AdSense). Some blogs even use Google Alerts hooked up to Blogger’s blog-by-email functionality to let Google be the author (you’ll recognize one of those blogs when you see them because they contain “unsubscribe” links within posts – that’s right, you can help destroy such blog by unsubscribing its alerts).

Somehow this circle has to be broken, or is splog generation the optimum use of google blogger? Has the system found its perfect expression in the blogs that Philipp links to?

Posted at 5:41 PM by John.

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