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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Broken, but in a good way....
So for once I'm not going to complain at Technorati's comedy results. Instead, for the few moments 'til they fix it, I'm going to experience the rush that comes when you're the lord high king of the bloggers...

* Last updated 3 minutes ago
* By John
* Technorati Rank: 8,530 (377 links from 139 sites)

So in some crazy parallel universe where every inbound gets counted 3 times, I broke the top 10,000. Spectacular!!

(maybe in this parallel universe I should get some adsense!!)

Update 9/28: Maybe this is permanent? Other blogs are definitely affected....

Posted at 6:30 PM by John.
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"Spectacular!!" too when you have no link :(
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