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Monday, October 03, 2005
WITFITS blogger hack resources
Get thee to WITFITS, where there are 3 posts that contain multiple blogger hacks as follows:
  1. Blogger buttons, favicons, edited comments link, peek-a-boo comments.
  2. Fast add links for feeds, change the order of archives, link to recent posts in-page
  3. Links in new window, statistics, validation, admin console
I am especially impressed by the use of the conditional new post hack to set-up for an admin console. This will show stuff on your blog when you're logged in, so only you can see it. Want to keep some admin quicklinks handy? This is the way!!

Kato at Witfits has apparently retired from blogger hackery, but generated good stuff in his brief career!! A tip of the hat to you, Sir!!

Posted at 7:26 PM by John.
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Blogger Kato said...
The admin console is pretty handy. It gives me quick access to everything I need while blogging (a new post button, change settings, my photobucket account, my stats, etc).

Glad you like the hacks, hopefully others will find them as useful as I have.

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