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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Yahoo Blogsearch. Is it Blahoo?
Yahoo's blogsearch rolling out asap to keep up w/ Google? This according to businessweek via Micropersuasion.

Alright, so now everyone's got a blog engine & that's all very spiffy.... but referring back to Randy's regular effectiveness experiment, which one is going to work reliably & show us what we want to see? The next great step forward in blogsearch doesn't have to be a new engine.... the giant leap will be a responsive & reliable service that is simple to use & is consistent. As I've said here before (& as others have said), having more companies in the game ought to improve the available services, force innovation and let the cream float to the top, but we're not there yet. The reason there's a half-dozen cosmos links at the bottom of my sidebar is that I see different inbounds on each service. (All very Haley Joel Osment...)

Now, I recognise that I use these services as a site-author rather than as an infoseeker. I'm interested in inbounds and references and I'd like those results to be somewhat timely. As a searcher, a reader, I can imagine being satisfied with the tools that exist. (If I asked them to show me something current & reliable about John Roberts, for example...) I have a feeling, though, that the majority of the people who read blogs also write them, and that they're looking for the same degree of accuracy about their sites as I'm looking for here.

So a challenge, Yahoo. Don't roll it out 'til it will bowl us over.

Posted at 10:56 AM by John.
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Blogger whoiam said...
why have I never seen your blog roll past me on blogspot?I continually see the same insipid stuff roll past and I have to find things like yours on others sites as a reference.

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Blogger John said...
Thanks for the kind words!! Here's hoping I can do a more effective advertising / outreach job!!

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