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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 Categories with Zoundry Blog Writer
While we're on the "new ways to categorise" round-up, Zoundry Blog Writer has been enhanced with a "tag for" option in the compose window. See the Zoundry Blog and Central Park Bench. My question for Stewart. Do these tags have a rel="tag" attribute that will enable them to be picked up by a wider audience? If not, is it possible to configure Zoundry to add this feature? Looks like another great way to add categories!!

Here's the Zoundry Forums how-to, if you're a user & want to add this functionality.... and looky, there's the rel="tag"!!

Posted at 7:02 PM by John.
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Blogger Stewart said...
Yes, the tags do have the rel="tag" attribute, so many other indexes will pick them up. I was adding all that by hand until the Zoundry update made it easier.

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Blogger Stewart said...
By the way, I think I first learned how to do the stuff with tags from your article 3 Category Methods.

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