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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Blog Birthday
This blog turns 2 tomorrow. In that time it has had:

2 names
3 URL's
4 templates
5 visitors... (kidding...., I hope....)

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting into some good stuff, both with the template & add-ons, & with the subjects of the posts. If you compare the original off-the-peg-at-crimsonblog Britblog template with my new rockin' & cool customised Freshblog, the difference is clear. There's not a great difference in the tone of the posts, I don't think, but I've realised that I'm not able to blog the politics and high culture of either the U.S. or the U.K. I retired this site as a Britblog on September 4th, '04, then had some post election disturbance and a brief blogging pause for thought before relaunching w/ URL 3 & template 4 on Jan 6, '05 once I had made my mind up about what I wanted to say.

Despite pauses, breaks and transitions, Blogging does a couple of things for me.
  1. It helps me indulge my webpage-building interests in a non-professional but legitimate & somewhat advanced way. As you'll see, this is the zone that I've been in for the past week or so, with tracking services and favicons and link cosmoses (cosmi?) . Anyway.
  2. In a "keeping a journal" kind of way it helps me think about what I'm thinking about, or actually see visually what I've been preoccupied with. A visual representation of my interests and curiosities.
  3. It helps me (especially now that I'm not trying to be a Josh Marshall any more) to find some funny and unusual things to enjoy. My new post-election blogroll has helped massively with this. You can't write about what you don't know... & I don't know the inside skinny in Washington D.C. I do, however, know if something appeals to me in a funky way, & I want to keep tabs on it. I'm a virtual scrapbooker. I'd like to be a thinker & poster of original philosophy, but try as I might I'm so much more comfortable as a collator & indexer!!
Anyway. Enough neurotic biography!! Happy Birthday, blog. Here's to another good year. Now that the template is set solid, let's work on an increase in quality posts.

Update: Binary Bonsai turned two too!! (in a slightly higher traffic mode, I fancy!!)
Posted at 8:55 AM by John.

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