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Monday, October 06, 2003
After the $50,000 room....
From MSNBC: "No TV show was hotter in 2002 than “Trading Spaces.” All viewers could talk about was, “Did you see that lady crying when Doug covered up her fireplace? What a loon!” or “Can you believe that Hildi actually glued hay to the walls? What a loon!” But in 2003, no one really talks about TLC’s preeminent home-design show anymore. What went wrong?"

I'm not quite all the way sold on the article, & maybe the show that was a popular buzz as people discovered it is now an old friend that people still choose to check out. My big question is this - How does having one single room in your house that is worth 50k affect the overall value of your house?
Posted at 4:27 PM by John.

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