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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Coca Cola GPS
From "Coca-Cola is to run a promotion where winners will be tracked using GPS widgets in Coke cans. Coke representatives will turn up at whatever address the winner has been tracked to and hand them a colossal SUV."

Bad enough that the Supermarket tracks my purchases w/ a loyalty card, & that the bank can track where I've been based on my ATM swipes, and such. I would certainly not be in favour of GPS soda. "Here at Coca-Cola Command Central we can confirm that John was thirsty in West Virginia at 10.42 am." Hmmm. How soon 'til we have Star Wars / Blade Runner / 5th Element advertisements that customise themselves when they detect you walking past. "Welcome, Corbin Dallas...."

Update: More from the Indianapolis Star
Posted at 4:44 PM by John.

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