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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Blaine in a Box
Hmmm. My countrymen are loving the whole idea of a crazy American starving in a box.

From the BBC: "The Blaine-baiting only involves a minority of the estimated 30,000-plus spectators who have visited his show by Tower Bridge.

Security has been stepped up around Blaine's 7ft square box
But the egg-throwers, strippers and drum-bangers seem intent on provoking Blaine in a way his American fans find unfathomable.

One 20-something out taunting him last week seemed to sum up the feelings of the provocateurs when he said: "Blaine just expects to come here and be given an easy time. He doesn't realise that we don't like show-offs."

In the illusionist's cosmopolitan hometown, however, some New Yorkers are scathing about what they see as the relatively provincial behaviour of Londoners. "
Posted at 4:32 PM by John.

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