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Friday, September 26, 2003
Post / Publish.... Blah Blah....
So I think I have posted & not published. Let's see if my previous 4 posts show up with this one.

I spent last night cleaning a virus off my home computer, which will hopefully restore my internet options and formatting back to normal. We will see this evening.
Have also set up a new blog (how many blogs does one man need?)... This one to track my updates & changes to my main history website, The John Rodgers Jewitt Hub. The blog is a crimsonblog (for formatting reasons, & ye olde virus on ye home PC) and is located at I plan to record updates to the site, as well as contacts and guestbook postings. I have made a lot of changes there and feel the need to keep track. Otherwise it gets messy & my decisions appear to lack purpose. I am also, clearly, blog-crazy.

And now, to publish...
Posted at 2:29 PM by John.

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