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Friday, September 26, 2003
ITV Rugby World Cup
ITV Rugby World Cup:
This looks like it will really be something to see.
"ITV's coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2003 is the most extensive ever undertaken by the broadcaster for any major sporting event with over 200 hours of programming dedicated to the tournament.
Every one of the 48 matches will be shown live on ITV1 or ITV2 and there will also be three opportunities to see a 60-minute highlights programme on each match day. ITV2 will air highlights at 7pm, the ITV News Channel at 9pm and ITV1 at around 11pm. "

First - what's with all these new channels?
Second - Who will be bringing us the matches?

The usual suspects - "The team will be headed by award-winning presenter Jim Rosenthal with commentators that include former internationals John Taylor and Nigel Starmer-Smith and pundits that include Francois Pienaar and Will Carling."
Posted at 8:19 PM by John.

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