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Monday, August 07, 2006
Ajaxified Display of Internal Backlinks
Aditya's latest hack is an interesting one, both because of what it does, and as an illustration of the limits of user-authored modifications. Aditya's asynchronous backlinks hack works on the list of backlinks in your post footer, and will open a great-looking ajax window containing the contents of the backlinking post in response to a single click. A double click will do what it usually does, & load the whole post.

To see this in action, load Aditya's Native Blog Search post, & single-click any of the internal links. These are:
Now you can see the whole thread of related "Last Word" content on a single page. Grand.

Note that this won't load samples of external posts, because apparently Ajax can only fetch content from the same domain as the request, but even as an internal tool this is a huge step forward in consolidating content and presenting a coherent set of information, especially if your blog is a series of interlinked and evolving posts that build on one another.

Update: Looks like Adi has enhanced the way that the backlinks display, so that they write out an author name as well as the post title. This makes it much easier to tell which ones are internal links, and looks pretty darn cool. Good call!

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Posted at 8:21 AM by John.
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Blogger Aditya said...
Great description John!

I want to make this extend out to other posts as well, but I don't know how ethical that would be. I sure wouldn't like to steal clicks from your blog and other blogs that link to my post.

Let's see! Thanks for the link! :)

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