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Monday, April 03, 2006
Multiple Scripts on the Page?
Question. Is there a smart way to run multiple scripts on the page, to decrease load time & make everything smooth? This template is much faster than my last one because I have (temporarily?) dropped Labelr, and because it uses off the peg backlinks rather than the custom ones. Quoting NukeMods, a reader asks if there's a way to smarten up a template with multiple scripts....

Update: Link revised, so now it actually works!
Posted at 4:55 PM by John.
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Blogger Yash said...
Thanks for your link but i dont have a membership and the page is not public.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I came here after a month or so. Your page now loads faster. And page really has new and good looks. Congrats

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Blogger Yash said...
I visited it and the trick was really helpfull. if its possible to run them without onload events, why do they(the script sites) tell us to put that in in the first place?

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