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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
The Final Rip-Off
Well.... actually the first rip-off, long anticipated and now arrived. As we've seen, there's multiple versions of the Absolutely Complete Tool Collection on the Interweb. Well, guess what? Now there are multiple versions of Blogger Hacks: The Series. Free Blogspot Templates (nofollow with bells on) has lifted the text wholesale, and although they link back to me, I'm feeling somewhat proprietary about my content, and have asked that the post is taken down. The blog doesn't allow comments, the template looks like a possible blogger trademark violation, and the content appears sploggy in the extreme.

The site appears to be connected with, who run GotLyrics, and have a blogger profile with a g-mail addy.

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Posted at 6:20 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
kinda stupid for them to leave the toolbar up there with the flag button ;-)

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Blogger Unknown said...
Hey John, that's me... I'm sorry about it coz I didnt tell you before I posted it so I removed the post.. BTW remember that I already posted your link source on it for readers to check the updates...

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Blogger Greg said...
I noticed some traffic to FreshTags from that site a few days ago ... Not sure what the black-letter of the law is here, but it's clearly not in the spirit of (at least this particular slice of) the blogosphere.

Dude, you know the rule: if you want traffic, come up with some worthy content! Otherwise, just post links. Wholesale lifting is not cool.

Still, the post has been removed now, so let's hope the lesson was learnt.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's really nice that he removed it because he 'didnt tell you before I posted'..

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