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Monday, April 03, 2006
The Glue Layer
Koranteng, in an exploration of folksonomy that is also a work of comic genius (in which he confesses to an "affair" with a fellow user of, whose tags enable him to better comprehend his own stuff) puts Freshblog squarely in the "glue layer."

New to me but applicable, I guess, since we're making the code "sticky" so that it can be used more widely?
Posted at 4:45 PM by John.
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Blogger Koranteng said...
I believe this paragraph describes Freshblog to the T:

"Where Mel Brooks' 2000 year-old-man considered Saran Wrap the greatest invention, I suspect for you it's duct tape, spackle and wrenches (or spanners as my Brit-colonized ears would prefer). For you it's all Perl, Python, Ruby, shell scripts, URIs, bookmarklets and the like."

I can't count the number of hacks or tweaks that I've seen in this blog that are all about glueing different services together. I came across you months after I wrote that piece, but it could well have been addressed at you...

And if glue layer isn't quite right, then I'd cast you as the Polish Plumbers of the blog world...



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