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Saturday, December 10, 2005
That's not a hack... This is a hack!!
Have seen a couple of thinks this week about Hacking... One dealt with the Johnnie Lee Miller & Angelina Jolie / "Wargames" sort of hacking, & expressed the opinion that calling links & add-ons of this sort "Hacks" did a disservice to the fine folks who can change grades & move money without the owners knowing & all that good stuff.

The second piece, at Simplebits, talks specifically about CSS, & comes at the term from the other direction:
By using “hack” to describe often necessary code, a negative connotation can be attached, even if what we’re really doing is compensating for a browser’s shortcomings. When you hear someone say: “I avoid all hacks”, you’ve witnessed this negative connotation. Heck, we’d all love to avoid hacks — but we’re also realistic, living in the real world, and designing in 2005...
I guess I chose "blogger hacks" as a topic because that's what Google / Blogger call their user-generated add-ons. Funny how language changes over time, isn't it, and has different meanings in different contexts?

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Posted at 10:19 AM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...
Hack does often denote sloppiness in coding, but in the FreshBlog context hack is about clever workarounds.

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Blogger titanium said...
people stealing cash, information etc are CRACKERS. hack in the way you use it is more fitting to the original definition- a hacker is someone who enjoys what they do.

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Blogger JM said...
titanium is right, but see it's only the real hackers who know the difference between hackers and crackers, thus nullifying the whole argument -- the general public still thinks hackers == bad, crackers == snack food.

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
I think the distinction between hackers and crackers CANNOT be overemphasized. It's a crying shame that the general public still hasn't figured this one out :P

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