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Saturday, December 10, 2005
The future of API based apps on
Yahoo bought Lots of optimism out there, especially from folks who were using MyYahoo 2.0 & wanted it to be better. Also some notes of caution:

Marshall K wonders what this will mean for Livemarks & for other utilities that use the API to pull data & re-format it:

So tell me about yahoo's API's? I honestly don't know. Is Livemarks going to get a cease and desist if they don't run Yahoo ads?? I don't know where the author of director lives, but I hope it's a country with limited WTO IPR influence.

Really, all the best new social bookmarking services are syncing up with already. It should have been a public utility, I swear. yahoo's MyWeb2.0 should have been doing that already. I thought everyone but Furl was. Perhaps that's the grounds to challenge the behemoth. This is a huge coup. This is bad news. This is bad news for the world in general. Inasmuch as Web 2.0 is a technology and not a property, this is bad news.

But I bet the URL will become more understandable to new users.
I raise this on Freshblog because the advanced hacks that readers have developed to format output from their accounts may be affected. How does Yahoo feel about the API? Thoughts?

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Posted at 9:34 AM by John.
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Anonymous rickdog said...
i am just as concerned over monopolization of the web as i am of that in business in general. the last thing we need is larger and more controlling powers over our data.

long live the revolutionary!

sorry,, you sold out.

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