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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Technorati taking a month....
The technorati cosmos search is, as many people have noted of late, somewhat dysfunctional. According to the Technorati Weblog it's going to take a month to get back up to speed. I agree with Dave Sifry that the cosmos search of the searches that bloggers find most compelling, as it helps you to all know who is linking to your blog, and it is the very first type of search that Technorati made available, so it is near and dear to our hearts,
but the end of September seems like a long wait....

Update 9/2: Zoli looks at the state of the service as a whole, links to others who have done the same, & sums up the general feeling out here that all is not well in the state of techno.... meanwhile my cosmos search works for the first time in about 2 weeks..... I don't know if the results are accurate, but they're there.....

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Posted at 3:22 PM by John.
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It's funny. We've been without results for weeks, so we're happy to get anything, even if they are untimely.

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Blogger Jim said...
I don't know if the results are accurate...

As one who has only a few inbound links (so I am aware of them via other sources), I can attest that they are not. At least not in my case. It's probably harder to know in your case, what with the unnumbered hordes that link to you. ;-D

I'm going to peruse your Zoli link as I've suspected that something must be wrong over there beyond the smiley happy happy news they keep posting to their blog.

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