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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Stats screwy @ Blogpulse?
I don't care!! They think I'm blog #2695 & that's good enough for me - although clearly not true!! Quick... cut it & paste it before it goes away!!!

General Information
Blog TitleFreshblog
Blog URL
Rank ( by citation count)2695 ( 21 citations from 18 source(s) in past 30 days )

Let's check back with them when sanity returns to find that my numerical ranking has disappeared,... because let's face it, I haven't cracked the top 10,000 before now, so this must be an error or an indexing glitch or something.... ;-)

Posted at 1:27 PM by John.
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Yes, the BlogPulse profiles are weird. Originally, I had one blog in the top 10k, which was iBLOGthere4iM at #9900 or something like that. Then one day, out of nowhere, The RSS Blog went from unranked to #100. The graphed showed it was in the top 200 for the last month, but it was clearly unranked the whole month. Makes me think the graphs are faked.

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Blogger Andrew said...
I got bored of checking on - wasnt ranked at all for weeks and weeks. I check just now - and its 917!

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Blogger Id.Ology said...
Don't get frustrated by blogplus. It's not worth it.What you achieve for our blogspot communicity can't be wiped off just because of those stupid and nonsense digital number!Blogplus need to sort themself out otherwise this kind of abnormal behavior will cut them out of this business!

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