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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Blogger in a Snap
Julie Meloni is the author of the forthcoming Blogger in a Snap, which promises hints, tips, tricks & a few add-ons / extensions. Looks good!! Congrats on being almost done with the book!! I'll check it out in a month or two!! Would you be interested in having a co-author for a sequel of blogger hacks & add-ons?

(well, if you don't ask.....)

Posted at 12:10 PM by John.
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Blogger Id.Ology said...
John,I thought you are gonna write a kind of book like this.If you do,I'll advertise it on my blog!

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Blogger JM said...
Dude, write your own book about that stuff! :) No, actually I have a thought, but first this note:

My book is aimed at the real beginners of the world, those getting into blogging, those who blog but are terrified of html and things like that, those wondering about that "feed" thing and why they need one, etc. REALLY beginner stuff, and I daresay the "tips and tricks and add-ons" are not really what you or I would think about when we think about tips and tricks and add-ons. It's more like "so you want to add images to your blog? Ok!" not "how to get the most out of someone else's template language and make your blogger blog something truly interactive and what not."

If my book does well, which it should based on the niche I'm trying to fill and my track record with other books, then they'll want me to follow up. I would totally be into doing something together -- or I'd just help you propose your own darn book and help you get it through to approval, depending on how I felt that day about my workload. :)

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Blogger Id.Ology said...
John, I would love to write a book about that. but I don't think now that I have that much knowledge to carry out this plan.I'm just start learning html and stuff like that. The thing that you inspire me about is that blogspot is actually a very good blog system as far as you tweak it in the right way. Lots of people think blogger from blogspot is people from third world of blog atomosphere. We lack the kind of respect due to all kinds of criticism and discrimination despite the fact that blogspot has done a tremendous job to bring blog into mainstream and give people from third world country a stage to send out their voice to the word. Lots of bloggers started from blogspot,moved on to typepad, wordpress, etc with a amount of money spent on those blog services,and then all drawed the link clearly between themself(now premium blogger)and blogspot blogger. We can see this kind of discrmination when a blogger from blogspot leaves a comment in a blog in typepad or just try to trackback a self-hosting wordpress blog . What? You cheap poor bad-ass bloggers from blogspot want to trackback me! No way! It's like they don't want to get their hands dirty by dealing with bloggers from blogspot. I feel disturbed by all these which force you to feel shameful sometime and consider fleeding from blogspot lots of times. But I choose to stay. There's 3 main reasons:1. There's more freedom of speech in blogspot than in any other blog hosts. I haven been to myblogsite but randy from rss blog warned me that they have very strange censorship to cancel your blog for no reason sometime. Modblog is the same.2.Blogspot is the most generous blog host to third word. From iraqi war to asia tsunami, lots of people from those poor country let the world know the terrifying truth going on there through the stage provided by blogspot.I want to stand by them. Not just because I've money then I can pay typepad or what, I just want to be a great blogger one day and untill then I won't never ditch blogspot just because it's free, it's cheap, and it's shit. If blog atomosphere do has third world as some speaks, I'll stay with my third world people's community for ever.3. You prove those people wrong. Blogspot isn't shit because it's cheap. You can have all the kinds of stuff those premium bloggers have in typepad when you're blogging on blogspot. Cause Web 2.0 turns web to an OS. So why blog can't be a open platform to let someone else take of the extra features we want. Let takes care of our category;let HaloScan takes care of our comment and trackback; let talkdigger takes care of our link,etc.Why we bother to put all the features into a blog system since there's so many nice web 2.0 tools out there do a better job. John, I do want to write a book for bloggers of blogspot cause I want people believe that the 3 reasons I believe above is worthy believing! Maybe one day we can co-writing this book together. Help people blog better and in the mean time give a intriguing gift to those third world bloggers!

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