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Monday, August 29, 2005
100 blogs in 100 days success
The first of many, I'm sure. As a consequence of this great project at BlogHerald, Brian at Solution Watch has:

- Received about 30 more new readers to my feeds
- Sent the message across to others such as TechCrunch, who mentioned my Social Bookmarking list. This then got spread onto,, Popular list, furl and all these other bookmarking lists.
- Trackbacks and comments from other websites
- About 600 more unique visitors than my average daily visitors with you and the other sites combined
- And lastly, Paul Scrivens of 9rules Network, has asked me to join his Network.

A little traffic, a little love, and a broader audience who are interested in what's going on on the blog. This project is such a great idea....

Posted at 7:43 PM by John.
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Blogger Shirazi said...
No wonders.

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Blogger Craig said...
Hey John - have you ever heard of a blog getting hacked? Some asshole hacked my blog tonight after I added the tags with your help. Luckily I saved my template code, but when I put it back in blogger it works, but only 1 prior post shows up, and its the same one no matter what I do. When I click on a past post or try to add a new post the same post shows all the time. Any idea how to solve this or have you heard of this type of hack? If you can email me with any info I would appreciate it. my email is


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Blogger Amit Agarwal said...

Google cache might help you here.

Some pages based on your original template might still be in Google cache.

You can view the source of those page and reverse engineer the template.

My 0.01 cent.

Amit Agarwal - Digital Inspiration

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