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Friday, August 26, 2005
Recent Comments List in Sidebar
As if there aren't enough scripts running on this blog already, I have added Blogger Hacks' Farrago recent comments list to the right-hand sidebar. It is set to only show on the main page, because it only scans posts on the main page for new feedback. If you comment on something from last july, it won't get picked up. Still, it's a great hack for seeing what the front-page buzz is. I should call it "recent comments on current posts", I guess.....

If it slows everything down I'll look at the template again & see if there's anything I'm not using any more that I can edit out. Let me know what you think!! Better still, leave a comment & see your name in lights on the Freshblog main page!!

Update 7/30/06: For a recent comments hack that will show you recent comments across your whole blog, & not just the new comments on your main page, check out Hearsay.

Posted at 8:58 AM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...

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Blogger Renaud said...
Dear John,
I am wondering : does this work with plain standard Blogger comments (like it seems to be the case on your blog) ? Or should we also implement first the BloggerHacks comment engine ?

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Blogger John said...

I followed the instructions for editing & installation of this particular hack, but there were no prerequisites, & in fact it sounds as though the two "blogger hacks" comment hacks conflict a bit with one another & require a third hack to make them work properly together.... If you have blogger comments this should work great for you as is, w/ just the required install & edits....

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