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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Comment Security
Have been noodling a post about spam & splogs, after reading that icerocket and others are considering not even indexing blogspot blogs because such a significant proportion of them are not legitimate.

I'll be less than happy, along with any number of others, I think, if my blog comes to be regarded as junk simply because of the domain name.

Anyway, on the up-side, blogger has a couple of new tools in the fight to keep their good name. First, you'll notice a "flag" button on the toolbar at the top of the page. This reports objectionable / questionable / tinned processed meat content to blogger & asks them to take a look at the blog for possible violent destruction. (I may be overstating the consequences just a little.....) Note, though, that the spam blogger who has colonised my previous blogger URL with poorly-written porn has managed to retain the toolbar without the buttons, which makes it tricky to report.

Second, there's now a "squirmy random word" image generated for each commenter to repeat. I have not had comment spam here, but have enabled the image in the hope of forestalling any...

For more, see Mark's series of posts tracking the anti-splog backlash at escape from obsession.

Posted at 8:34 PM by John.

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