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Monday, August 15, 2005
A brief break
Just as Freshblog is riding a wave of traffic, energy and interaction with readers, and just as I finally have something to say, 'tis time for a break. I'm not going far, and I won't be gone long, but there won't be too much new stuff here for a week or two, especially since blogger won't let me post-date & auto-publish. Please stick around & watch for a big return of the hacks series!!
Posted at 8:34 PM by John.
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Blogger Id.Ology said...
John,thanks for answering my questions at my blog. You on a break from this blog now? Well, you should do. Cause your blogspot serials have already cause lots of buzz between blogspot fans. It's time for you to have a break before preparing something even more intutive.In the meantime,I'll stick around.

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