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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Photograph your Refrigerator
Photo of your Fridge: No, I can't think of a good reason either, but hey, take the shot & e-mail it to these dudes for their survey of fridge-kind. Imagine what we can learn about each other from gazing intently at a fridge, frozen in time... The zen of the soy cheese... the karma of the carrots.

via Core77.
Posted at 12:32 PM by John.
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Blogger zenyenta said...
That's a great project. I love it. Maybe I'll take one tomorrow. Mine needs cleaning out now.

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Blogger Jim said...
That's interesting. Back in the day, when I was in advertising, we used to do what we called "ethnographic inteveriews" where we visited people in their homes or at their businesses and presented reserach to our clients or prospective clients on how people actually used their products.

For home visits, one of the first things we took pictures of was the fridge, not the inside though, the outside. You can learn a ton about people from what they stick on the outside of their fridges.

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