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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Blogger Survey
The fine folks at blogger want to know what you think. Log in & let them know, by all means. Plenty of chance for some positive feedback too. As I hope we're proving here at Freshblog, it is very possible to blog for free on blogger & still have a blog that is "automatic, systematic and hydromatic, why it's greased lightening." (channeling Travolta.... sorry!!)

I completed the survey & made sure to ask for tags, since I am suspiciously suspicious that the tags have impacted my traffic for the better, & I think it would be great if they were easily available to all blogspot users. Zenyenta has asked for categories. Hit the comments when you're done with the survey & let me know what you asked for...
Posted at 4:37 PM by John.
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Blogger A said...
yes, i took the survey yesterday and asked for categories, but not only that i put them as the #1 feature that must be added right away. i also pointed them to you, i donñt know how many people did that besides me but that surely explains why you are now in blogger hacks.

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