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Monday, August 08, 2005
Podcasters! How do you make your audio?
Let's say, for the sake of argument, that I was interested in starting a podcast. let's say I can figure out the blogging part, the feeds part, & even (probably) the audio editing part. Everything from the computer onwards.

Here's my question. How, oh casters of pods, do you make your audio? Can you use a digital MP3 recorder / dictaphone, or does that get you a poor quality recording to work with? Do I need microphones and mixing desks and the like?

If you'd like to tell me what works for you, please leave the good word in the comments!! Much appreciated.
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Posted at 4:01 PM by John.
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Blogger Id.Ology said...
John, you can use a microphone and Super Mp3 Recorder( to record your podcast directly into your PC. The Sound quality is very good.
Also Super Mp3 Recorder can edit the mp3 file as well. is a very good channel to distribute your podcast.
Can't wait to check out your show!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
if you need audio tools, you can go to

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