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Friday, August 05, 2005
New Links or Old?
Great & succinct assessment of the shortcomings of various cosmos search services, and a thought about total links v. new links:

The RSS Blog: "More and more, I see people reporting how many total links Technorati, IceRocket, PubSub and BlogPulse have found that point to their blog. These numbers are utterly meaningless. The important number is how many new links you are finding with these tools....A new experiment is in order. I'm gonna write down how I find new links. So, please link to this article, so I can write them down..."

Consider the article linked (sneaky ploy for inbounds or sincere investigative effort? ;-) Let me know if / how you find the inbound.

I guess it's true that the principal use for these tools ought to be finding new links that enable a conversation to occur as close to real-time as possible, rather than rank-bragging or "top 500" membership.

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Posted at 1:18 PM by John.
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Blogger Godsdragon said...
Hey John. Ed here. I just blogrolled you, tagged you, blogline subscribed you and technorati-ed I wonder if you could push my ranks by doing the same for moi, if you like what my blogs are all about.

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Blogger Id.Ology said...
John, You are my blogger idol!
People always complain that blogspot is a lame and feature-less blog platform.
But you prove them all wrong.
Blogspot is the most flexiable blog system for a real geek to diy on.
You can make it a most beautiful house of blogging with just a little bit of imagination and hacking.
I love blogspot and I love you!
You're must-read of all the blogger fans out there!

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Blogger Id.Ology said...
I publish you in my blogdigger group
. From now on, my blogdigger will index you automatically.
All the members reading this group will read you. Cause you're the bible of blogspot blogging!
I runs out of praising!

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Thanks for helping John!

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