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Thursday, August 04, 2005
State of the Tag-o-Sphere
A post in the state-o' the blogosphere series that's of particular interest here. Team Technorati take on Tags. As the stats & charts show, there's lots of folks tagging their posts & using the mechanism for all sorts of purposes:
* Growth has been tremendous in the last 6 months: Technorati has tracked over 25 Million tagged posts from January to July of 2005
* About 300,000 posts with tags were tracked each day at the end of July
* About a third of all blog postings use tags or categories
* People are tagging more than blog posts: Popular services include tagging photos and links (social bookmarks)
* About 12,000 unique tags are discovered each day
* Tagging is growing in languages outside of English as well, including high adoption rates in asian languages like Chinese and Japanese

Posted at 10:02 AM by John.

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