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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Fixin' the Feed
I posted to Feedburner Forums tonight because despite my careful (I thought) following of their instructions, Bloglines shows a new subscription has been added to each of my old feeds. I think the whole thing w/ the autodiscovery tags is supposed to force subscriptions to the new feed, so I must have missed a step....

We'll see how the forum responds.

Update 8/4: Apparently the problem is a bloglines problem, in that they're seeing & offering 3 feeds for FreshBlog. Hopefully they'll drop the old ones?

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Posted at 6:37 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi, We went through the same thing at TechCrunch. You should email Bloglines and ask them to refresh their cache. They responded very quickly to me, and also redirected old feeds that weren't pointing to feedburner to the feedburner feed.

Mike, TechCrunch

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