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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Another "ping" option
Fred Giasson, of TalkDigger fame, has another project over at his place... KingPing.

King Ping is a web service that enables you to ping, to notify, 18 blog search engines. When you update your blog, or any web feeds (RSS or Atom), you want tell to the world that you just updated them. So it is what King Ping has been created for: to help you performing this task. Why do you need to ping these search engines? To increase your traffic! After you pinged them, your new content will be indexed in their database on the spot, ready to be read by other readers. If you do not ping them, then your content will not be indexed or only indexed much later.

Why should you KingPing? Well, for a start, this site lets you create a bookmark that will remember your settings, & make it easier to repeat the ping.

More great work, Fred!!

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