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Thursday, August 04, 2005
More on Apathy
from Problogger. This morning's suggestions include: Read other blogs, interact with other bloggers, bring in a co-host, & have a posting schedule.

Now I'm onboard with all of these except the last one. I'm not sure that the pressure to produce posts is productive. If you're writing junk posts, don't punch out 10 of them!! Pause, come up with some good stuff to say, & then come back strong!! I happen to think that this is a much better blog (more readers, more comments, more visits) now that I have a focus & a goal of one good, relevant post a day than it was when I used to race to recycle ten crazy little pieces of boingboing in an hour.

More to do, of course, but my point is that some quality is better than great quantity.

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