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Monday, August 08, 2005
Technorati slow again?
Zoli points out that the volume seems high & the service seems slow once again. For my 10c, I notice that even when the search shows my new inbounds, the summary still lists 43 from 35, or whatever, despite pings & tags & such.
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Posted at 6:54 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
technorati sucks. they are slow as hell and unreliable.

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Funny! You know how I read this? Technorati offered two of your blog entries from today as references to my site. Not only are they slow to respond, slow to index, but they are also giving false positives.

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Blogger John said...
Update: My sidebar link to Technorati has been missing for at leat 48 hrs, & now it is back, but without the "who links here" cosmos option. Methinks the cosmos is awry....

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Blogger Godsdragon said...
I can relate, technorati's buttons dissapeared on a couple of my blogs and they are missin since then...

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