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Monday, August 29, 2005
Splog Reporter

One splog at a time, so not the mass hosing-down of the stables that I think is required, but hey, it's a start. Visit the site to report the folks who are making the rest of us look bad. Hopefully they'll figure out how to report a bunch of sites at a time.... They have bookmarklets, at least.

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Posted at 7:14 PM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...
Okaaay, sounds like a neat idea I guess. I submitted a splog to Splog Reporter (splogs are easy enough to find), and.... what's next? Does splogreporter just forward the information to Technorati et al? I routinely report splogs to the blog tools already.

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Blogger Teresa C. said...
Ok! I am new at this so maybe I am just not seeing something.
I went to splog report to report a splog and I can't find where to report it?
Am I missing something?
Teresa C

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