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Friday, August 26, 2005
Tagging with BlogThis!
From Ken's Meme Deflector comes XBlogThis!, an extension of blogger's "blog this!" bookmarklet that loads before the blogger window, and allows for the automatic insertion of comma delimited technorati tags & for a choice of formatting for the quote you select on the source page. Ken has tested the tool on Firefox & all is well. If you want to add technorati tags your posts in blogthis!, this bookmarklet is the tool for you!!!

Here's two other versions of the bookmarklet that are integrated with Both include the rel="tag" attribute that enables tag search services to identify the links as tags. The first points to an individual's account (in this case, mine) & is useful for generating the technorati / combo tags that are the crucial tool for the categories method used here. This version is


I have made some very minor changes to the script so that the tags link to my account (and as we know by now, will still be visible in technorati!!) As before, all that you need to do to make this bookmarklet work for you is to right click it on your links bar, select properties, scroll through the script to the very end and replace my signon at the end of the URL***** with your own. Now you can tag & categorise with blogthis!! Tag keywords should be seperated with commas.

The second version takes a cue from Graywolf, and points to the "all posts for a given tag" page on Your post will eventually get buried in an avalanche of posts with the same tag, but the link in your post will take your readers to similar material. You don't need to edit / customise this script because it doesn't point to an individual account. This version is


Drag one to your links bar & give it a try. Let me know if it makes life easier!!

For the scoop on categories & what this all means, see my 3 category methods post.... which will soon be a 4 category methods post, I guess, because now you can tag with blogthis!! Thanks Ken. Awesome!!

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Posted at 1:48 PM by John.
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Blogger Ken Dyck said...
Thanks for mentioning the XBlogThis! bookmarklet, John. I'm glad you found it useful.

Those are some nice improvements you've made.

BTW, I've since incorporated the rel="tag" changes that you suggested into the bookmarklet on my blog. Thanks for the comments.

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Blogger Id.Ology said...
John, you always can dicover something I can never imagine before. If I want to find something I want to use to enhance my blogspot experience, I don't neeed to go far.I don't need to search endlessly in goole,Just check my bloglines to see what you're up to.
Keep it coming!man.

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Blogger Ken Dyck said...
Hey John, with a small fix, the bookmarklet now works in Opera, too. Give me an email, if you'd like me to send you the diffs so you can update your variants.

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Blogger m. said...
I've been using your script, but I can't decide whether I should link to a technocrati search instead. It seems that the hits i get on is less interesting than Technocrati is also automatically indexing my blog, while I and others have to manually insert it into

On the other hand better represents what people actually find most interessting, while techolocrati just outputs EVERY post tagged with a certain keyword.

Whats your thoughts on this?

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Blogger DJMonsterMo said...
Thanks a lot for the mod! It definitely makes tagging a lot less of a headache in Blogger. Thank you for saving me minutes per day and probably hours per year!

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Blogger Stephen said...
I love it! Thanks!!!!!

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Blogger Steve said...
I've done everything you have said to do and I can't get the CategoryTagBlogThis to work. It looks like a great idea!

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Blogger Steve said...
It's working! I had no problems with the bookmarklet working. I just didn't know I also needded to post my post to delicious so it would show up on the delicious page. Once I did that, no problems!

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Blogger Renaud said...
Does not work under IE6 !? The code is too long to be saved in a bookmark.
Is that normal or related to local company security settings ?

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Blogger John said...

I couldn't get it to work in IE either.... I'll play with the options & see if there's a way to make it stick.

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Blogger Blog Bloke said...
Combine the power of Google to make categories for Blogger blogs as well as tags for, technorati or whatever else you can imagine. Perhaps some clever programmer out there will create a javascript for it.

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Blogger m. said...
Has anyone looked into updating this solution to work with the new Labels feature on Seems like a logical progression, especially since the people havent added this to blogthis themselves, for some reason...

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