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Monday, August 01, 2005
Metasearch Tool for blog engines
Micro Persuasion points to Talkdigger, a metasearch engine that will hit up all the major blog search engines for their version of the cosmos for a link. "It can search for blog back-links across Bloglines, PubSub, BlogDigger, Feedster, BlogPulse, Technorati and even MSN Search and Google, all at once."

Very Cool!! They even have code for a "talkdigger cosmos" link in posts that will show you several different versions of the inbounds, instead of relying on any one service. With blogger tags inserted, the cosmos code is:

<a href=<
$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>">TalkDigger MetaCosmos</a>

Have added this code to Freshblog. Let me know if you use it, & what you think!!

New things every day!!

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Posted at 8:44 AM by John.
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Anonymous Fred said...
Hello John,

You are the first one I see that implemented the "MetaCosmos" on his blog/website. I am really happy to see it implemented somewhere.

Thank for that :)

Another blogger that use ask me the question on how to implement it on his blog. The problem is that I never used that blogging system. Could you please contact me by email if you have the time to tell me how you do it? Thank!



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