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Friday, July 29, 2005
Tagging posts blogged direct from Digg
The technology meta-blog Digg has a very cool feature that allows account-holders to blog stories to their own blogs from Digg with one click. (see the Digg FAQ.) Digg automatically includes a link back to their posting of the story, and a one-click link for Freshblog readers to "digg" (vote approvingly for) the story. Thus the recent stories that you see that include links such as this

read more | digg story

make use of this feature. Excellent.

I write an explanation both to explain the odd-looking new links on some of my posts, and to get to this: How to tag a post in Digg so that I don't have to re-open it in the Blogger post editor & add tags to it?

Simple, as it happens. Ted Ernst's technorati-delicious bookmarklet generates tag code that you can paste straight into the Digg compose window. Tags generated with this bookmarklet will point to your account on but be visible in Technorati tag search results too. Click the bookmarklet link in Ted's post, drag the link from the pop-up window to your links bar, then right-click, scroll through the code in the properties field & change Ted's username to your own where you see

If you don't need / technorati combo tags, & want to paste tags that are valid for Technorati only into your posts from Digg, this bookmarklet from Cathome1 will work for you, no editing required. The link to the bookmarklet is in English, in the first grey box in the post. Drag the link to your links bar, click it when you're ready to enter your tags, put your tags in the box & click OK.

Oddiophile has a bookmarklet too, but it is offline as I write.

So, bookmarklets to add technorati tags to blog posts that you write in Digg. Cool.

See this story on Digg.

Posted at 2:04 PM by John.
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Blogger Craig said...
any idea how to add a "digg story" link to all of my posts using blogger? so if a reader clicks on the link it directs them to the digg website to dig my post. thanks

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Blogger John said...
Sure (better late than never!) See my "6 Icons for Your Footer" hack, and the upgrades offered by Digg that will import post title etc.

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