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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Google's gone personalised, with IGoogle, and their service is pretty darn slick, if you ask me. I guess some folks out there are concerned that some of the content they enjoy on Yahoo is not currently available, but the Google site is clean & clear & it is very easy to add any custom feed that you choose.

I do not immediately see what needs to be done to get a one-click add link that I could add to my sidebar. If you know what that would look like, let me know!!

via Zenyenta, where there's an excellent list of requested upgrades to the service:

What features does it still need? Well, the bookmarks are a start, but they need work. They need labels or tags and they either need to be sortable or they need to sort themselves alphabetically. A bookmarklet for adding bookmarks is needed. And finally, a secure connection to the inbox should either be the default or an option.

Posted at 6:00 PM by John.

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