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Saturday, July 23, 2005
On feeds and readers II: Updating to Feedburner
So, I may have just killed my twelve subscribers, since I don't have server access to ask them to redirect, but I have simplified the syndication of this site with a Feedburner Smartfeed. Not only is this accessible to both Atom and RSS readers, but the fine folks at Feedburner will collect stats for me so that I can see what's happening in Freshblog feed world, & see how long it takes me to get back to 12 subscribers!!

The operation was fairly straightforward. View my page source, copy the meta-tags, hide the blogger meta-data tag in the head of my real template, & paste in the tags from the source, then edit the autodiscovery tags so that automated feedfinders will find the feedburner one and not the default blogger atom feed. Here's the scoop on which tag to modify, but I'd recommend that you read the whole thread.

Update: Improbulus dissects the blogger meta tags & tells you what each one is for, and which one to mod to change your feed.

See also Blogger Hacks: Syndication.

Thanks to GTD Wannabe for the inspiration.
Posted at 4:51 PM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...
I read your blog via bloglines. The blogspot feed still seems to work just fine.

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