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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Stage win (& race win?) for Lance
TdF'05: "Lance Armstrong let it all hang out today, storming to a victory in the 2005 Tour's long time trial in St. Etienne. T-Mobile's Jan Ullrich came to play, but couldn't quite hang with Armstrong, finishing 2nd on the day, 23 seconds slower than Armstrong.... Leipheimer will have to watch his back tomorrow, because Vinokourov is only 2 seconds behind him, easily overcome with an intermediate bonus sprint."

Meanwhile Lance will be sipping champagne on the Champs & celebrating an unrivalled, unequalled & probably never-to-be-challenged 7 in a row. Nice work!!

National Geographic looks at the genetics & biology that made it possible.

See also Dave's top ten reasons that Lance is getting cocky...

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