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Friday, July 22, 2005
Blogpulse... a new tracking tool....
The Blog Herald, my new read for all things bloggy and hot, or hot & bloggy, brings news of Blogpulse, a very neat, very clean & very groovy link & trend tracker for the blogosphere. The only thing missing, I think, is a dedicated tag search, & I'm sure that's coming.

So. Have added a sidebar link to my Blogpulse inbounds, and a link to my blogpulse profile, although Blogpulse only tracks the 10,000 most influential blogs, so my profile is pretty skeletal. Either way, another link & conversation tracker, w/ added features for graphing trends & such.

Blog Herald also reports a possible name-change for IceRocket. Looks like this is going to be contested territory for a while.... I'm sure the competition can only be good for us bloggers...
Posted at 4:21 PM by John.

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