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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Pod Pedestrians
Lisa has a problem. The pedestrians exist, but they're trained to stay in their bubble. How to break them out? WalkLA: "Between Sherman Oaks and Studio City there are more pedestrians than I would have expected. Except they're all on their cell phones, staring straight ahead, striding along in focussed, independent universes. I might have to try to penetrate somehow. I'm not sure how."

A rude t-shirt? a loud-hailer? deely-boppers? a tickling-stick?

I jest. Here is the essential dilemma in modern life. We're all worried that the person next to us is a psycho in disguise, and that if we engage them we'll regret it. We go from A to B without making any sort of meaningful contact with another person. I hope you find a way to break the barrier, Lisa!! Go for it!!

Posted at 8:37 PM by John.

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