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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Scaling at Technorati...
So clearly I'm not the only one who is listed but not popping up in the returns. There's a discussion going on out there, and as usual, by the time the blogosphere at large turns on to something, the cutting edge are off looking for the next thing.

"Jason Calacanis begged Yahoo! and Google to enter the blog search market in a widely read post on his blog last week.

The comments indicate some frustration with Technorati and rightly so.

I get about 10 trackbacks a day from blog posts that link to me. About 20% of them get picked up on Technorati. It's gotten to the point that I don't bother to check who is linking to me with Technorati anymore. I used to do that query at least once a day and on many days I'd do it more often than that."

Er, first-off, that many repeat hits might be why it isn't working so well for the rest of us.... Secondly, 'tis interesting to note that there are other bloggers out there in the nether-world of the "not recently updated" who are really more "not recently detected".

Not a big issue, of course, and the scaling issues in this whole thing are clearly mind boggling, (80,000 new blogs created every day!!) but after finding a cool way to tag, 't'would be great if it worked.

Update 7/20: My blog now says "updated 1 day ago," so it's been seen, but the tags still aren't showing up in the body of the searches, I don't think....

Posted at 3:13 PM by John.

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